10 Reasons to send customized holiday cards to your family and friends this year

Happy holidays portrait


 1. Keeps you connected with people you love


We all have these people in our lives that we deeply care about, yet never really find the time to connect with anymore - old friends, family that lives far… Lets be fair, life is crazy busy. If you have children and a job, you will barely find time to check the weather forecast for tomorrow, before the day is up. Sending a Christmas card, lets them know that you still keep them in your thoughts, even if you barely find the time to pick up the phone any more.


2. It keeps your loved ones up to date with your life


Grandma doesn’t have a Facebook account. Enough said.


 3. It can serve as decoration


People love to display Christmas cards as a daily reminder of the special people in their lives. Send them a custom designed card with pictures of your family taken by a professional. And don’t forget to keep one for yourself. 


4. Its easy


Book a 30 minute session on a weekend, make a family adventure out of it and receive your cards at your door before the 1st of December, completed with self addressed envelopes. Literally all you have to do is buy stamps. That is of course if you book with me ;) (*shameless self promotion*)


5. It will just make someone happy


How often do you open your mailbox to find it full of bills and at best a coupon from a store you actually like to shop in? Do you remember the excitement of receiving something deeply personal, something with your name handwritten on it?


6. Its a keepsake


Did you remember to take family pictures this year? What about last year? Life is racing past and changing fast. Save a card for yourself each year. 10 years from know you will love looking back at the journey. 

7. It keeps your address book up to date


An address book? What are you saying, we have emails these days! But think about it - did you ever want to send surprise gift/ card to someone only to realize that they have moved 3 times since you last used regular mail? 


8. Its a great way to reflect back on your year


You got married? Had a baby? Found your dream job? Finally took that dream holiday? Found awesome new friends? You moved and survived it?

Write it down and acknowledge how awesome this year was. And remind other people to do the same. Sometimes we forget to look back and actually congratulate ourselves for what we have accomplished.


9. It's very vintage chic.


And you are fancy that way :)


10. It will inspire others to do the same.


And maybe next your you will get 10 holiday cards in the mail to remind you that you are very loved as well and people are sometimes just very very busy. The love we send out comes back, you know.